Star Core
Materials {{{Materials}}}
Rigellian Ore {{{Rigellian Ore}}}
Supply Provides 10
Production Center -
Time Short
Requirements -
Race Natogytt
Hypertype Structure
Weapon -
Secondary Weapon -
Hit Points 100
Armor Type Medium
Armor 0
Shields 400
Attack Type 0
Attack Type2 0
Size Small Structure
Cargo size 0
Speed 0
Atk Speed 0
Icon {{{Icon}}}
Special Abilities
Ability 1 Psionic shield emitter
Ability 2 -
Ability 3 -
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Latest Sighting {{{Latest Sighting}}}
Inventor {{{Inventor}}}
Crew {{{Crew}}}
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The Natogytt Star Core is an important structure for the Natogytt army and even Natogytt society in general.

The Star Core is a Psionic containment and amplification structure it contains the collective minds of the Natogytt forces in the region, it also contains the psychic energies required to keep their powers in check and to keep them potent enough for other conflicts.

It's latent psionic waves can amplify the shielding of other resonating structures.

It was invented in 19 BCE by Seno'Zen Val'Vadore which stopped the Second Brain Plague.

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