Vital statistics
Type Terrestrial
Climate Heavy storms
Sector Sapphirian
Faction Stratisian Independent Republic
System Kalshai (Position 1)
Natives none
Discovered 5559 BCE
Discoverer Shirier Shrinen
Existent yes
Faction History {{{Faction History}}}
Stratis is a stormy world in the Sapphirian sector, it's atmosphere is much denser than that of Earth's atmosphere.


Basaran Kiev's WarEdit

The Stratisians supported Basaran Kiev and his promise to give independence to them, however Kiev was assassinated and his movement failed, the USR refused to giive the Stratisians independence thus beginning the long anti-USR movement.

Stratisian InsurgencyEdit

The Stratisians began their insurgent activity in 2495 the USR sent military forces to control them until 2503 when the USR forces led by Rigel Arcasi destroyed the remaining insurgent forces, soon after the USR eventually granted the Stratisians independence.

Details about the WarEdit

Because of the Increasing terrorist activity against USR embassies on Stratis, USR High command sends a task force led by Rigel Arcasi to cut off the major insurrectionist's communications and intelligence. The SLF realized that they were under threat and attacked a USR embassy in the northeast in Souskan, however Rigel Arcasi and Spitter Lacereon VI push them back and retake the area, the SLF retreats as the USR forces give chase.

At the battle of Comm Relay I the USR destroyed the Comm relays and forced the SLF to rout from Souskan.

USR Forces chased the SLF to their stronghold at Stratipoluka, Though Rigel Arcasi lamented the fact that he would have to ally with his old enemy Arcto Archon, he recognized the threat poised by the SLF. The USR forces set up an outpost at the base of Mt.Kreug. They sent an attack wave to an SLF outpost just west of the USR base, eventually they began the siege of Stratipoluka itself. Lacereon VI and his forces secured the bridge as Rigel Arcasi and Arcto Archon's forces poured into the Ancient city, within Twelve hours the SLF commander: Kane Granod surrendered he was arrested and sent to the Sodanna Planetary Detention center. USR forces proclaimed victory shortly after, though Some SLF insurgents escaped to the Starkisp Towers

At 9:48 PM the SLF launched a terrorist attack on a USR Monitor outside of a Sky Tower, in response, the USR sends in Alpha and Epsilon Squadrons to put an end to the resistance once and for all, even with the SLF's newfound alliance with Beta Squadron and the Insurrectionists, they all were defeated by the superior tactics of Lacereon VI.

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