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Stratisian Civil War (SA2)
Main Info
Date November 2, 2490 - December 7, 2503
Place Planet Stratis
Result USR Victory, Stratisian Liberation Front dissolved, Stratis gains independence
Major Battles __________________________

Assault on Stratipol

Battle of Teef

Battle of Erstsclacht

Battle of South Stratipol

Siege of Stratipol

Force 1 Advanced United Sapphirian Republics
Force 2 StratF Stratisian Liberation Front
Force 3 Stratisian1 Stratisian Provisional Government
Force 4 -
Leader 1 Kal Nedis: Leo Taigo


Kal: Sir Skkvar (2490-2500)

Kal: Rigel Arcasi (2503)

Kal: Arcto Archon (2503)

Commissar: Spitter Lacereon VI (2503-2503)

Commissar: Larandu De'Ton (2490-2500)

Leader 2 Arbitrator: Natar Chuop
Leader 3 Kal Nedis: Calor Kitchuma
Leader 4 -
Army 1 7 USR Squadrons:

Alphaflag Alpha Squadron

Epsilon1 Epsilon Squadron

Theta Theta Squadron

Iota Iota Squadron

Kappa Kappa Squadron

Xi Xi Squadron

Pi Pi Squadron

Army 2 570,000 Fighters
Army 3 5 Stratisian Squadrons
Army 4 -
Deaths 1 86,049
Deaths 2 79,078 Military

138,196 Civilian

Deaths 3 6,987
Deaths 4 -
Previous Shrine Wars

Stratisian Intervention on Ayurne

Next Basaran Kiev's War

First Sector War

History Edit

Crackdown of 2487 Edit

Following the disaster that was the Stratisian Intervention on Ayurne, the Stratisian local Government used it's SR funds to crackdown on anti-Interventionist protesters killing hundreds throughout 2487, this caused a number of Stratisian civilians to fight openly against the government.

Assault on Stratipol Edit

The newly formed SLF attacks Stratipol, they are wiped out entirely during the battle, the SLF that did not participate is joined by the Marcadian Vandergil and Beta Squadron Ressurection, anarchic terrorist groups who intend to destabilize Stratis.

First Shirian Intervention Edit

A month into the war, Kal Nedis: Chairo Durblum deployed several SR squadrons to keep the peace, after a decade long insurgency, the SLF unofficially surrendered

Second Shirian Intervention Edit

a New SLF leader spread anti-USR and anti-government fervor all over the planet the war started up again, the Stratisian Government fought against the USR and the terrorists to secure it's independence, the USR defeated them both with the tactics of Rigel Arcasi and Arcto Archon, but Kal Nedis Leo Taigo granted the Stratisian Government independence but restricted trade only to the USR

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