Stratus Republic
Founded June 22, 2500
Defunct -
Race Terran
Denonym Stratun
Population 79,812,245 as of 2500
Leader Prime Minister: Winston Marcus
Secondary lead Chancellor: Winston Smith
Head of State Prime Minister
Currency Stratus Dollars
Official Language English
Formed from UTSEA: Stratun Colonial Magistrate
Strength 5 Fleets 23 Military Units 2 Harbinger Cruisers
Founding Document Stratun Constitution of 2500
Preceded By UTSEA UTSEA Governate of Stratus
Alliance UTSEA
Location Planet Stratus, Planet Tarugo and Planet Mathiea
Capitol Brighton
Now Part of {{{Now Part of}}}

Was founded on June 22, 2500 in a a unanimous decision by the Planet and the UTSEA Quarter council, letting the Stratun take care of local matters while having better trade relations with the UTSEA and their neighbors.

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