Vital statistics
Type Terrestrial
Climate Earthlike
Sector Sapphirian
Faction USR
System Grasuk (Position 3)
Natives none
Discovered 5499 BCE
Discoverer Hounlen Hi
Existent yes
Faction History Capri2 Marcadian Empire 1500-1901

USSK USSK 1905-2300

Republic Fourth Shrine Republic 2300-2320

BF Boreluzian Federation 2320-2320

Sukhoi Sukhoin Confederacy 2320-

Sukhoi is a planet in the Sapphirian Sector, it was the second planet invaded by the Viserak and the first planet that the Viserak were defeated on in the Sector. The planet has a wide range of enviroments and climates similiar to that of Earth but with enviroments that even Earth has not had in milllions of years.


Sector WarsEdit


USR forces moving in to Sukhoff City

Wertias Opop joined  Rigel Arcasi ,Arcto Archon and Spitter Lacereon VI at Sukhoi. Wertias Opop used his tactics from fighting Sniverian armies in this battle.

The Natogytts on Sukhoi however lacked knowledge of the Viserak or their weapons and tactics, Wertias Opop had been studying the fall of Capricon for two days, his tactics allowed the USR to defeat the Viserak fleet for the first time, he then informed the other USR Squadrons on how to defeat the Viserak.

Later at the battle of Su city. USR forces took airstrikes and raids by AVS forces but managed to get a few squads out to the External power sources shutting them down, Yorak Osslov relied to heavily on the Warped reinforcments, his forces scattered, though Raark forces still held up, the USR pulled back and waited until dusk of the next day.

Though the USR forces were pushed back for days at the battle of Fhoren 3rd City.

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