Taigo Reformation
Leo Taigo in 2492
Vital statistics
Participants Shrine Republic

United Sapphirian Republics

Date 4/1/2492
Location New Tygotan City, Shrine
Result Shrine Republic reformed into the United Sapphirian Republics.

Leo Taigo becomes the Kal-Nedis

Basaran Kiev of Kanderarch and Halacava Secedes

The Taigo Reformation was a major regime change in Natogytt History. This controversial event opened another rift in the Natogytt government and another civil war , which also led to a sector war .

The Shrine WarsEdit

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After the Sniverians were defeated in March of 2492, it became clear to various officials along with the public that the Shrine Republic's handleling of the war was mediocore at best having it drag much longer than it needed to, Elite Psi Squadron commander Leo Taigo and the majority of the Shirian party agreed that changes needed to be made. Former Kal-Nedis: Chairo Durblum in conjunction with Taigo drew up plans for a new government system.

The system was of a Union of the semi independent worlds instead of a federal "Republic" (which was in name only)  on April 1st of 2492 the Shirian Party led by Leo Taigo was victorious in the last Shrine Republic election, within the same day, Leo Taigo announced the regime change and thus Shrine Republic was no more and was replaced by the United Sapphirian Republics .

Civil WarfareEdit

Admiral Basaran Kiev, Spitter Lacereon VII and Arcto Archon along with 50 other SR officers seceded from the USR and began an insurrection, known as the Basaran Kiev's War most of them seceded due to being loyal to the Shrine Republic, the war would drag on for three years before Basaran Kiev was killed and the remaining officers returned to USR, despite this, The Insurrectionist movement would last for decades.