Kaiser Matt Tygore, representative of the Terrans
Appearance 200,000+ Years Ago
Extinction This species is still alive
Type Bipedal animal of the Primate family
Planet Earth
Form of communication Many, mostly language and writing
Primary Senses Sight, Sound, Hearing, Taste, Smell
Factions UTSEA, SkyWing, Axis of Freedom, various smaller factions
Representative Kaiser StratosTygo

Terran Fleet

The Human race is a young physically weak species that appeared at least 200.000 years ago, despite their physical weakness, their Technology rivals that of their opponents.

Early Space Age

98,000 years ago the Terrans had a space Empire known as the "High Antarctic Empire ) however with the second arrival of the Ravagers they were destroyed and little trace of their empire remained, buried under rubble, dirt, sand and snow.

In the 1960's the Humans began the space age by reaching their planet's moon, 50+ years later they created their first space warships and in the 2090's began colonizing other worlds as well.

Sector Wars


Armored Assault Unit

The Terrans were involved in the Sector wars from early on, led by Kaiser StratosTygo they defeated the other three races and were the victors of the Sector Wars.

Technology & Tactics

The Terrans rely on heavily armored vehicles, and heavy hitting projectile weaponry, their supply is the standard supply and instead of contructing buildings on the field they call down pre-fabricated structures from orbit.

Despite their leader being psionic their armies make little use of psionic powers or highly advanced technology instead they rely on heavy armor and strong projectile attacks.

Out of the four factions they make use of the tanks more than the other forces, with four tanklike vehicles.

APC, Kaiser MBT, Fjord and Shockwave tank.

Their main strategy is to utilize the "Take and Hold" Siege policy.