Terran Ascendency
Founded August 6, 2358
Defunct -
Race Terran
Denonym Ascendant
Population 7,000,000,000
Leader The Arbiter: Antony Aurellius
Secondary lead Steward: Marko Aquilla
Head of State The Arbiter
Currency Component of the Arc'Belaren (Comarcbel)
Official Language English, Spanish, Russian
Formed from Terran Deportees
Strength The Holy Guardians

The Fleet of the Heavens

Founding Document The Doctrine of Romnius
Preceded By ArcbelarenFlag Psionist Movement of Amerigo
Alliance Centerpoint Alliance
Location Solarian Sector
Capitol Advance, Antioch
Now Part of {{{Now Part of}}}

The Terran Ascendency is a smaller Terran Government in the Solarian Sector, they are part of the Psion Theocracy where they worship the Arc'Belaren as their gods.

They came to be after the most zealous Psionists attempted to rest control over all of Amerigo, they were deported and founded their own faction on planet Antioch.

They lack relations of any kind between themselves and the UTSEA , and are hostile to the other Terran factions.

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