Name Introduction Faction Introduction year Last Appearance Gender Type
Matt Tygore

Star Adairis: Earth Wars 21st Century 

Episode 01 "Day of Founding"

UTSEA 2014 N/A Male Psionic, Kaiser of the UTSEA
James Albert Ranson

Star Adairis: Sector Wars Chapter III

Episode 11 "SkyTech City"

UTSEA 2506 2512 Male Disgraced Admiral
Noemi Cerda

Star Adairis:

Prequel Chapter II  

Episode "Earth's Fury"

Axis of Freedom 2496 N/A Female Rebel Leader
Draco Liska

Star Adairis: Earth Wars 21st Century

Episode 01 "Day of Founding"

SkyTech 2014 2015 Male Second in command

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