The Founding Families
Past and Present members of the founding families
Founded 2023
Defunct Active
Race Terran
Denonym -
Population 657
Leader Kaiser StratosTygo
Secondary lead David Liska
Head of State -
Currency -
Official Language English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese
Formed from Various Commanders of the component facctions of UTSEA
Strength UTSEA Military
Founding Document {{{Founding Document}}}
Preceded By {{{Preceded By}}}
Alliance Quarter Council
Location Earth
Capitol SkyTech City
Now Part of {{{Now Part of}}}

The founding families are a group of Terrans who descended from the original commanders of the various factions that made the UTSEA, the Founding families are also a political entity in the UTSEA controlling 1/4 of the Quarter Council, the 16 founding families include:

  • Tygore Family headed by Matt Tygore
  • Cerda Family headed by Caesar Cerda
  • Ranson Family headed by James Howard Ranson (formerly James Albert Ranson)
  • Partisan Family  headed by Richard Partison
  • Jenson Family headed by Zach Jenson
  • Pasillas Family headed by Lorenzo Pasillas
  • Cao Family headed by Cao Lina
  • Hernandez Family headed by Eric Hernandez
  • Martinez Family headed by Erin Martinez
  • Michaels Family headed by Flame Michaels
  • Makenishi Family headed by Cheyanne Makenishi
  • Mohammed Family headed by Shakri Mohammed
  • Brown Family headed by Kieth Brown VII
  • Liska Family headed by David Liska
  • Gustav Family headed by Spitter Gustav
  • Cortez Family headed by Miguel Cortez
  • Rodriguez Family headed by Richard Rodriguez

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