The Frozen Tide
Founded February 28, 2511
Defunct -
Race Terran
Denonym -
Population -
Leader Captain: Gian Muirchertach Zimmerman 2515-

(Formerly) Captain: Christian Trishna Wehner (2511-2515)

Secondary lead Klementina Sebastiani
Head of State -
Currency -
Official Language English/Russian
Formed from -
Strength 1,750,000 Active Soldiers
Founding Document -
Preceded By Antarctos2 Antarctos Corps
Alliance UTSEA
Location Antarctos
Capitol Tassit city, Antarctos
Now Part of {{{Now Part of}}}

The Frozen Tide is a military sub-division of the UTSEA created shortly after the rebellion of Antarctos Corps after the Flash Freeze on Sovius, it was ordered by the Kaiser himself and named by UTSEA Hardliner Jones Alexander after the flash freeze on sovius's nickname.

The Faction focuses on tank columns and cryotechnology

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