The Hyron Genocide
Ruined city of Salivik
Vital statistics
Participants Hyron III Dynasty

Boreluzian Empire

Date March-April 176 BCE EST
Location Hyron III
Result All 958,000 Hyron III citizens are exterminated by Bolliolucci LII's forces
The Boreluzians wanted to control the entire northern rim of the Sapphirian Sector in their wargames with the Second Shrine Republic . The Boreluzians were resisted by the Hyron III Dynasty and their primitive technology, the Boreluzian Emperor ordered for their total eradication, every Natogytt on Hyron III was killed in a month long campaign, the completely incompetent Second Shrine Republic did nothing, as the Boreluzians settled in, the other Natogytt Governments attacked the Boreluzians and began the Boreluzian Karma war.

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