The Mercury Incident
The Ravari crash site on Sector 85 ofplanet Mercury
Vital statistics
Participants The Fulsoff Civilian transport "Ravari"

UTSEA: Recovery team

UTSEA Government

Fulsoff Government


Date November 18, 2477
Location Mercury
Result Terran-Viserak relations become tense.

Fulsoff secedes from the Adairin Viserak Systems

The Incident

In Mid-november of 2477 a civilian transport ship heading for a quick stop at Earth for tourism left the Adlan spaceport on Korgesna (moon of Fulsoff) a crew of 25 along with 572 passengers were off.

On November 18th the crew reported critical engine failure and thus the ship began drifting in space, two hours later it was caught by Mercury's gravity and crashed onto the wasteland planet.


The UTSEA space-tourism guidance systems alerted the UTSEA government, the Kaiser allowed a small team to investigate, it was found out that the engine failure was not an accident, it seemed that it was set to explode. initial reports asserted that one of the 20 Terrans aboard had intended to crash the ship into an important landmark on Earth and the resulting secondary explosion causing even more damage, this theory enraged the Fulsoff people. eight days later however this theory was sidelined for a more accurate one, it appeared that the ship was attacked by ANOTHER ship, a short quip was uncovered from the black box recorder from one of the crew after a conversation with another crewman translated from Jospherian to English :

C1: "That isn't how that's supposed to work, but really I could be in the wrong" C2: Yeah, hmm, I didn't know we were supposed to have an escort? C1: What, What are you talking about? C2 You see that ship, the Kalvar?, it's an escort. C1: Okay, I see it now, I didn't know that either, surprise for us huh? C2: *Laughter* 

Two hours later the ship took "engine failure" and crashed into Mercury.

The Terrorist

As it turns out a "Kalvar" is a type of AVS escort fighter, it was not uncommon for these to escort civilian vehicles to not so friendly factions like the UTSEA, however in this case they were not to be escorted as stated in the Adlan report due to the high costs of maintenance and logistics, eventually it was revealed that it was a rogue AVS pilot who not only concocted the attack, but also the first theory in to begin with, it's known that Galreal Vaserik is an avid supporter of the Josminian Enclave a very racist religious group on Adairis, AVS had failed to prosecute him for previous crimes against Terrans and other species, now the blame shifted onto AVS, and thus tensions between them and the UTSEA grew, soon after the UTSEA supported the Fulsoff secession from AVS, further worsening tensions.

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