The Rejection of Josminia
The Star Beacon
Vital statistics
Participants Skolite Crusaders

Mosist-Josminian Truce

Date August 14, 742 EST
Location Orion (Modern day Skoland) Planet Adairis
Result Skolite Religion seperates from the Josminian Religion
With the Discovery of the Adairin Star Beacon in Orion (and before it's reassembly in Northsphere in 2107) a group of Josminian Crusaders intending to fight the Mosists in Orion were the first Viserak to traverse the Orion Desert on foot and found the Star Beacon, this caused their leader Jerid Haser to believe that it was a gift from an ancient alien God, he and his troops severed ties with the Josminians and camped near the Star Beacon, the Mosists who lived in Orion learned of this and attacked them for the Star Beacon, they failed. later on the Josminians of Krussia learned of this and forged a truce with the Mosists to kill off the Skolites, their attack failed as well, a New nation "Skoland" was formed and would be attacked by it's neighbors for 1200 years until the Northspherians conquered the planet in 2102.

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