The SkyTiger III
SkyTiger III over Kanderarch
Vital statistics
Type Capitol Ship
Faction UTSEA: Imperial Squadron
Role Kaiser StratosTygo's Commandship
Contractor SkyTech & The Antarctic Armory
Primary Weapon Dual Hyper Electron Cannons
Secondary Weapon Many Flak Cannons and Kinetic Turrets
Created September 24th 2401
Creator 450 Designers including StratosTygo
Retired Still in use
Service length 2421-?
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The Fifth in the SkyTiger Command Ship series, after the SkyTiger II was destroyed by Cerda's Revolution in 2505 at the second battle of New Antieta, the SkyTiger III was commissioned for permanent service.


It was created in the 25th century for the eventual replacement of the SkyTiger II.

Sector WarsEdit

It's first actual Combat was during the Invasion of Borelecava it fought off the Axis of Freedom and other allied forces.