Third Shrine Republic
Founded July 3, 797
Defunct May 3, 2208
Race Natogytts
Denonym Shrinen
Population 389,000,000,000
Leader Kal Nedis: Spitter Lacereon
Secondary lead Nedis: Aden Skkvar
Head of State Kal Nedis
Currency Rarchs
Official Language Shirian
Formed from Sapphirian 47th Coalition
Strength 72 1M strong Squadrons
Founding Document Declaration of Grievances
Preceded By NRS Second Shrine Republic
Alliance -
Location Sapphirian Sector
Capitol Tygotan City, Shrine
Now Part of {{{Now Part of}}}

The TSR was one of the most successful Natogytt Factions, founded by Spitter Lacereon (8th Century) A man of Science and Technology, he helped advance the TSR to the point were much of the technology that had been lost afterwards is still being rediscovered. 

They had held 5000 Worlds by 2143, they had defeated every faction they came up against the Wubbellians in a border war, and devastated Two Emeraldii worlds, they would come across a Viserak mercenary force led by a Karlinkoff Sugof, who's successor would bring war to the Natogytts nearly 400 years later. The TSR fought against their primary enemies the TEC , though the TSR lost, they utterly trashed the TEC's capability to strike back, and glassed dozens of worlds.

They decided to move on to conquering what they thought was the weakest of the Sectors, they caught the UTSEA and others by surprise and figured they would surrender within months, instead the Solarian Sapphirian War lasted from 2170 to 2208, at this point every faction had been heavily weakened, but they underestimated the Kaiser of the UTSEA who with help from Psion Order Rebels warped directly onto Shrine and wiped out the Captiol City of Shrine using experimental "Flash Freeze" technology, with that, the TSR's leadership began to panic, it's commanders utterly confused and eventually led to their defeat and subsequent Dark age, the Terrans Occupied Shrine for decades and forced the Natogytts to accept Terran immigrants.

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