Tornado Outbreak of 2025
Mark Greene's photograph of the EF-5 Tornado in the District of U.S on may 3rd of 2025
Vital statistics
Participants -
Date April 29, - June 4, 2025
Location Central plains of the District of U.S (Earth)
Result 672 Tornadoes ravage the countryside, 395 were killed during the outbreak
 In the ten years since the UTSEA Conquest of Earth , and the subsequent Civillian anti-displacement act, suburban life slowly returned. Unfortunately the weather of the world was also returning to normal, in the middle of this a major Tornado outbreak occured, the outbreak ripped through the Central plains of the District of U.S by the time it ended hundreds were killed and three towns were completely wiped out. the UTSEA spent billions on rebuilding the lost cities afterwards.

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