Appearance -
Extinction -
Type Bipedal Amphibianoid
Planet Kall
Form of communication Vocal Speech, Telepathy
Primary Senses Sound, Sight, Psionics, Touch
Factions Psion Order
Representative Trykar Dura Dylar
The Ty'Ger are an ancient race inhabiting the Sapphirian Sector, once part of Three ancient Empires, Arc'Belaren , Psion Imperium and Borallissian Empire . They now number only in the millions as their species had been nearly wiped out in 2552 BCE during the "Brain Plague"

They now are part of a new organization known as the "Psion Order"  from which they have aligned themselves with the Natogytts and Terrans .

The Old OrderEdit

The Ty'Ger were originally modified by the Arc'Belaren in an attempt to destroy their second malfunctioned super weapon, the "Star Relicants " the Ty'Ger failed to destroy them and rebelled, several generations of Ty'Ger inhabited the Sectors before the "Brain Plague" began killing nearly all Ty'Ger.

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