Born 2148 Omnipolus (as Omni leaper)

2198 (as Kandlia Grendel then Courier)

Died 2198 (as Omni leaper)

May 1, 2506

Race Kandlia
Gender Male?
Hair none
Eyes Purple
Faction BroadSword BroadSword Swarm
Occupation Sub Swarm King
Faction History SomeFac U'lanne Republic 2148-2198

GKSGreat Kandlian Swarm 2198-2506

BroadSword BroadSword Swarm 2506-2506

Tychondrus was a Kandlian Courier and third in command of the Kandlian Swarm.


Courier RebellionEdit

After Sentien prompted spline to instigate a rebellion, Tychondrus became leader of said rebellion and eventually tasked Harkoff into helping the rebellion.

The conflict began on Sholalusz after Harkoff tricked the Couriers into powering him up, the conflict had many small skirmishes across the stars, until the attack on Earth, and the subsequent defeat on Frontier , where the conflict still lies unresolved.

Tychondrus was defeated and killed, his body was used to create Draliska.

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