Tygore Union
This offcenter flag symbolized location tracking
Founded  ?/?/2014
Defunct September 17, 2014
Race Terran
Denonym -
Population 1200
Leader Matt Tygore
Secondary lead Erik Gonzales
Head of State N/A
Currency N/A
Official Language English/Spanish
Formed from None
Strength 800 Soldiers
Founding Document 7th Signed Papers
Preceded By None
Alliance Allied forces with:

Squadron of Extermination


Location Central USA / Mexico
Capitol Xualalat (somewhere between Texas and Mexico)
Now Part of {{{Now Part of}}}

The Tygore Union was a short-lived faction formed some time after Matt Tygore 's "Death" but before the victory at MetroTech.

At it's height it had over 1200 members making it one of the larger independent armies of the time, the Faction started by Matt Tygore brough constant defeat to the NightTech forces, and allied with SoE and the New USA, they destroyed Night Tech at their powerbase in MetroTech, soon after Matt Tygore, Draco Liska and Carolina of New USA merged their factions into SkyTech

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