Vital statistics
Type Rocky, nearly destroyed by Nova

2 moons (Edikal) (Laisureon

Climate Desert
Sector Tyyrian
Faction TEC

Infinity Swarm (Formerly)

System Kethrhydor
Natives Natogytts
Discovered -
Discoverer -
Existent Yes
Faction History TECTEC 6652 BCE - 2511 CE

Infinity Infinity Swarm 2511-2517

Draliskan Draliskan Empire 2517-2517

Disputed 2517-

Tygotan is a planet in the Tyyrian sector.


Noemi Cerda and the AXis of Freedom on Tygotan during Operation "Golden Eage" (Evacuation of Tygotan

Tygotan is the capitol of the TEC and is the birthworld of the Natogytt Race. in the year 6,000 BCE Tygotan's Star Kethrhydor went nova, however the Early TEC knew this day would come and had been evacuating the population for decades, still 2% of the entire Natogytt Species died on Tygotan.

More recently the planet was attacked by the Infinity Swarm in revenge for the 2510 TEC invasion, which indirectly led to the birth of the Arcmind,  a large chunk of the Natogytt population was killed on Tygotan, most of the survivors evacuated either to Korelekon or were rescued by the Axis of Freedom.

by 2519 the Tygotan Natogytts returned to their homeworld to rebuild

Contemporary Tygotan map.

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