The Unification War (Earth)
Main Info
Date September 1, 2014 - November 11, 2039
Place Earth
Result __________________________________________

- Antarctic Republic / United Terran States Victory

- Earth Unified under Matt Tygore

- Matt Tygore proclaims himself as "Kaiser"

- Religion is officially banned by the Antarctic Republic

- Forced population redistribution enforced successfully crushing rebellions stemming from large crowds of like minded individuals

- Intense Focus on space exploration and colonization ____________________________________________

Major Battles First Battle of MetroTech

Battle of Xeno's point

Second Battle of Mecca

Siege of MetroTech

Siege of Antarctica

Force 1 UnionCrest The Allied Forces:

AntarcticFlag Antarctic Republic (2021-2039)

Skytech SkyTech (2019-2039)

TygoreFlag The Tygore Union (Defunct as of 2019)

LoNP League of Neutral Powers (2014-2016)

Mexico United Mexican States (2019)

Chile Chile (2015)

Sweden Sweden (2015)

Cuba Cuba (2014)

Portugal Portugal (2020)

Norway Norway (2020)

CostaRica Costa Rica (2015)

Argentina Argentina (2019)

Nicaragua Nicaragua (2020)

Guatamala Guatamala (2019)

Finland Finland (2020)

Croatia Croatia (2020)

Bolivia Bolivia (2017)

Lebanon Lebanon (2026)

Kenya Kenya (2014)

Iceland Iceland (2020)

Bulgaria Bulgaria (2038)

NewRockbury Rockbury (2019)

Albania Albania (2027)

Vietnam Vietnam (2033)

Oklahoma Oklahoma Republic (2027)

California California Republic (2029)

Qatar Qatar (2027)

Nepal Nepal (2020)

Canada Canada (2034)

Chad Chad (2015)

PersiaFlag Persian Republic (2027)


Force 2 UN United Nations:

USA United States of America

Egypt Egypt

European Union European Coalition

Russia Russian Federation

SouthAfrica South Africa

Netherlands Netherlands

Andes Republic of Andes

China China



51star New USA

NATO Rogue NATO Military Forces

NightTech Night Tech

ChinaEmpire Chinese Empire

Taiwan Southeast Asian Protectorate under Taiwan (SAPT)

Texas Texan Republic

LoNP League of Neutral Powers (2016-2019)

DrakeCrest Drake Liska's Forces (2021-?)

Islamists Hukm Caliphate

ChristianCoalition Western Crusade __________________________________________

Force 4 Ravagers Nuclear Ravagers


Leader 1 UnionCrest The Allied Forces:

LoNP Commander: Mark Michaels (2014-2016)

DrakeCrest Commander: Drake Liska (2016-2019)

AntarcticFlag Commander: Matt Tygore (2019-2039) _________________________________________

Leader 2 UN United Nations:

UN Secretary General: Mahala Frazier (2014-2023) _________________________________________

Leader 3 51star President: Merry Anderson

NATO Admiral: Austen Danniel

NightTech Director: Melissa Harrison ?-2019

NightTech Director: Edward Kerrigan 2019-2019

ChinaEmpire Emperor: Nuan Guo

Taiwan Prime Minister: Zhen Yu

Texas President: Conway Cokes

LoNP Commander: Mark Michaels

DrakeCrest Commander: Drake Liska

Islamists Caliph: Rahat Amirmoez

ChristianCoalition Cardinal: Raffaello Traversa _________________________________________

Leader 4 _________________________________________
Army 1 7 Million+


Army 2 2 Million


Army 3 75,000











Army 4 Millions
Deaths 1 Heavy
Deaths 2 Extreme
Deaths 3 Extreme
Deaths 4 Entire group wiped out
Previous World War III
Next Thomas Abraham's Uprising

The Unification War was the final conflict on Earth between sovereign states. It follows the devastation wrought by the short Third World War and the appearance of the Nuclear ravagers.

The Unification War saw the first appearance and rise of Matt Tygore who in this conflict had accidently awakened the latent Psionic abilities of himself and millions of other humans during a battle against Night Tech in an incident known as "The Centerpoint Incident"

Matt Tygore would rise to a position of power in 2019 founding SkyTech and slowly moving on a path to world conquest, within 20 years Matt Tygore and his supporters had successfully conquered the Earth.

The basis for the UTSEA was setup during this period, including the "Crest" used by the UTSEA Flag, all allied nations who joined with Matt Tygore were given special privileges.

Documented Battle List: Edit

  • ===2014===
  • LoNP Siege of Fort Worth
  • LoNP Battle of Del City
  • NightTech Clash near French Antarctic Lands
  • NightTech Battle of Bogogobo  
  • UN Second Clash near French Antarctic Land
  • UN Battle of Kief 
  • NightTech Battle of the Coral Sea
  • Argentina First Battle of the South Ocean 
  • Argentina Battle of Loreto 
  • China Battle of Hoh Xil Coast 
  • Chile Battle of Hospicio 
  • Andes Battle of Cochabamba
  • NightTech Clash near Conakry
  • Islamists Battle of Wukari
  • NightTech First Battle of MetroTech
  • ===2015===
  • Chad Battle of Korkoro
  • Andes Battle of Lima Coast
  • UN Battle of the Paracel Islands
  • Chad Battle of the Sekondi-Takoradi Coast
  • Islamists Battle of Babaheydar
  • NightTech Battle of Xeno's point
  • USA Battle of Lexington
  • ChinaEmpire Invasion of South Kalimantan
  • NightTech Battle of Cedar Falls
  • NightTech Battle of Harrisburg ruins
  • LoNP Battle of Concord
  • ===2016===
  • ChinaEmpire Battle of the Xiaochang River 
  • LoNP Battle of Castle Rock
  • LoNP Battle of Arvada
  • Islamists Battle of Anefis
  • Kenya Battle of Sabuli
  • Islamists Battle of Riyadh Ruins
  • Chad Battle of Ngel-Nyaki Forest
  • Islamists First Battle of Mecca
  • USA Battle of Corvington
  • ===2017===
  • TygoreFlag Battle of Guadalajara
  • NewRockbury Battle of the Prison
  • TygoreFlag Battle of Fort Boulder
  • TygoreFlag Battle of Rockbury
  • USA Battle of Aleutian Coast
  • ===2018===
  • TygoreFlag Second Battle of Mecca
  • USA Battle of New York Ruins
  • TygoreFlag Siege of Old Staten Island
  • Islamists Battle of Ezo
  • ===2019===
  • TygoreFlag Second Battle of MetroTech
  • Skytech Siege of MetroTech
  • ChinaEmpire Invasion of North Sumatra
  • Skytech Battle of Sonora
  • USA Battle of New Del
  • USA American Unification
  • Mexico Battle of the Caribbean Sea
  • Skytech Assault on McMurdo
  • Skytech Invasion of Antarctica
  • ===2020-2039===
  • Skytech Battle of Casuta
  • AntarcticFlag Siege of Antarctica
  • AntarcticFlag Battle of the Falkland Islands
  • AntarcticFlag Invasion of the United States
  • AntarcticFlag Invasion of Europe
  • AntarcticFlag Invasion of the Middle East
  • AntarcticFlag Invasion of East Asia
  • AntarcticFlag Invasion of Africa

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