United Mayana Republics
Founded December 13, 2445
Defunct -
Race Terran, Zarnian, Krovan
Denonym Mayanan
Population 2,600,000,000
Leader President: James Franco Cerada
Secondary lead Vice President: Dumoi Sobo
Head of State President
Currency Pesos
Official Language Spanish/English/Chinese
Formed from Various factions
Strength 50 Million Soldiers, 75 Harbinger Cruisers
Founding Document Argentina IV Organization
Preceded By Tau Tau Ceti Rebels
Alliance Centerpoint Alliance
Location Solarian Sector
Capitol Michael's Crown, Mayana
Now Part of {{{Now Part of}}}

The UMR is a Terran faction in the Solarian sector, they are the smallest Major Terran faction with only 13 worlds under their control. The UMR history begins in 2429 when prisoners from the Rebellion of Tau Ceti were sent in a large Harbinger class ship to colonize the world of Mayana, after the Harchempians lost the world two years previously, the Harbinger ship known as "Argentina IV" crashed on Mayana, The UTSEA lost contact and assumed they died.

However in 2445, the UTSEA returned and found that the damage was minimal and that the people founded 75 cities with a population over 24 million, much larger than the 2 million sent there.

The Mayana eventually forged a decent relationship with their parent government and the SkyWing Covenant , they are currently in a cold war with the DarkStar Conglomerate.

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