United Sapphirian Colonies
Founded 5541 BCE
Defunct September 1, 5525 BCE
Race Natogytt
Denonym Sapphirian
Population 295,000,000 (5525 BCE)
Leader Shirer Shrinen I
Secondary lead Bolliolucci
Head of State -
Currency -
Official Language -
Formed from Tygotan Colonies
Strength -
Founding Document Anti-Overreach Protocol
Preceded By TEC Tygotan-Sapphirian Colonial Magistrate
Alliance Tygotan Rebels
Location Sapphirian Sector
Capitol Tygotan City, Shrine
Now Part of {{{Now Part of}}}

After Shirier Shrinen founded colonies on Shrine, he linked up with other Colonies, after the Tygotan Empire attempted to assert dominance over them, the 9 colonies rebelled.  After the Generation long "Natogytt Civil War" the Colonies then allied with the Psion Imperium and Star Relicant mercenaries pushed back the Tygotans, they eventually formed independent nations.

Rebelling ColoniesEdit

There Were nine original rebel colonies:

  • Colony of Tygotan II founded in 5,596 by Kaln Halurak
  • Colony of Stratis founded in 5,559 by Shirier Shrinen, led by his son Shrinen II
  • Colony of Shrine founded in 5,552 by Shirier Shrinen
  • Colony of Sedona founded in 5,552 by Klark Sedona
  • Colony of Borelus founded in 5,549 by Bolliolucci
  • Colony of Aranso founded in 5,548 by Alanso Korelek
  • Colony of Castele founded in 5,546 by Kumanti Opop
  • Colony of Halacava founded in 5,542 by Horachio Piecefield
  • Colony of Kanderarch founded in 5,542 by Roro Ska Kangk

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