United Sapphirian Republics
Founded April 1, 2492
Defunct -
Race Natogytt, Sniverian
Denonym Shrinen
Population 894,900,129,000
Leader Kal Nedis: Van Tego
Secondary lead Nedis Su: Gao Lan
Head of State Kal Nedis
Currency Rarchs
Official Language Shirian, English, Borelussia, Kanderen, Capri, Lacereon, Eycveen
Formed from Republic Fourth Shrine Republic

Advanced Shirian Reformist Party

Jlader Lonia

Strength 72 Squadrons
Founding Document Taigo Reformist Policies
Preceded By Republic Fourth Shrine Republic
Alliance NewSapphirianFlag New Sapphirian Alliance
Location Central Sapphirian Sector
Capitol New Tygotan City, Shrine


Now Part of Advanced United Sapphirian Republics

Kflag Kanderarch

Stratisian1 Stratisian Shirian Republic

Dominant faction of Shrine
Sector: Sapphirian, Time: 2492
Preceded by
Republic Fourth Shrine Republic
Succeeded by
Advanced United Sapphirian Republics (Incumbent)

History Edit

The Shrine Wars, Rise of Leo Taigo Edit

Taigo Reformation Edit

Basaran Kiev War Edit

Basaran's Legacy, wave of rebellion Edit

First Sector War Edit

Shrinen's Decide, the election of 2508 Edit

Kanderarch Revolution Edit

Culture Edit

Military Edit

Government Structure Edit

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