United Sapphirian Systems of Kandaris
Founded September 14, 1493
Defunct September 19th, 2439
Race Natogytt
Denonym Kandarissian
Population 98,900,000,000 (2398)
Leader Supreme Unifier: Rigelau Tay-os
Secondary lead None
Head of State Unifier
Currency Sapfirs
Official Language Shirian
Formed from TSR Dominion of Kandaris
Strength Kandarisian Military
Founding Document The Raiders agreement
Preceded By TSR3 TSR Dominion of Kandaris
Alliance Sapphirian Imperial Council
Location Sapphirian Sector
Capitol Marc, Kandaris
Now Part of {{{Now Part of}}}

The USSK is a Natogytt faction hailing from Kandaris, after the Tech Wars they were finally defeated and their worlds split between the Fourth Shrine Republic and the Boreluzian Federation .

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