"So you're saying you want me to join the "Yout-see" normally I would say no but since you can cause my brain to explode by just thinking about it I'll accept"

                                                       -Gerard Tygore while talking to Kaiser StratosTygo


The Flag of the UTSEA


Braxis city, Antarctica


World Democratic Republic


Stratos Tygo



Wars particapated in

World War III

The First Space War
War of Terran Survival
Krovan Civil War
Tech Wars
Shrine Wars
Kiev's War
Natogytt-Viserak War
Kiev's War 2
The Terran-Oyan War
First Galactic Civil War

Date of Dissolution


Date of Reformation



The Milky way Galaxy, Mostly based in the Solarian, Emeraldii, Sapphirian and Sangerikan sectors

The UTSEA is a intergalactic government based from planet earth the ruling species are the humans who became the dominate power in the Solarian sector after the Vramese were defeated in the War of Survival Their leader is currently the most powerful Psionic being in the universe reaching a 964 on a Psionic scale of 1-500.

Flag Apic JPEG

The United Flag

The UTSEA as of 2811 controls 2400 worlds

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