UnivorCrest Univorpal
Vital statistics
Type Terrestrial, Moons: 2, Lazal, Sycoruzal
Climate Primarily barren, arid, some forests and grasslands

Continents: 2


Al Andalor

Sector Emeraldii
Faction UnivorCrest Univor Mobile Fleet
System Kyzak
Natives Univor, Darqivor
Discovered -
Discoverer -
Existent Yes
Faction History Lakanakal Dynasty Lakanakal 458-989

Oraclan Dynasty Oraclan Dynasty 989-1861

GKS Great Kandlian Swarm 1861-2507

FeralKandlia The Guardian Horde 2507-2507

UnivorCrest Univor Mobile Fleet 2507-?

Univorpal is the homeworld of the Univor race, once a proud center of once modern Emeraldii space trade, the planet was soon conquered by the Great Kandlian Swarm who held it for centuries, until the Terran Kaiser activated the Star Beacons and took over the Kandlian Swarms in the Sapphirian Sector breaking the swarm and allowing the Univor to retake their lost home.

History Edit

Rise of the Univor, Lakanakal Dynasty Edit

The Defiant Crisis Edit

Oraclan Dynasty Edit

Kandlian Invasion Edit

The Mobile Fleet, Kandlia Hunters Edit

The Opening Edit

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