Vanessa Cerda
Born January 30, 2490 Earth
Died killed by Hydrus in 2523 (body recovered and put in stasis) Currently alive in SkyTech City
Race Terran
Gender Female
Hair Dark Blonde
Eyes Brown
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Faction None
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Faction History PsionUTSEA UTSEA Psion Corps 2500-2504

CerdaRev Green Revolution 2504-2506

Axis Axis of Freedom 2506-2510

Darkstar2 DarkStar Conglomerate 2510-2517

Forever Forever Swarm 2517-2519

Fist Fist of Emeraldii 2519-2523

ArbiterLegion UTSEA Arbiter's Legion 2533-?

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Vanessa Cerda during her corruption

Vanessa Cerda was a Psionically powerful Terran from Antarctica, Earth she fought for many different factions including one of her own design when she was corrupted by Draliska, she was decorrupted by Mark Calrissio and lived a normal life until she was assassinated by Hydrus Tygore in 2523, her body was recovered and healed up on planet Earth, her immense Psionic power allowed for her body to rapidly heal under the right circumstances, she is now alive again but kept in stasis on planet Earth to be trained as Matt Tygore's new agent.

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