Materials 225 Materials
Rigellian Ore 300 Ores V
Supply 3 AVS
Production Center Armada Station
Time 57
Requirements Communications Array
Race Viserak AVS
Hypertype Mechanical, Air
Weapon Twin Heat Lasers
Secondary Weapon -
Hit Points 250
Armor Type Alkali Nanites
Armor 2
Shields 50
Attack Type Beam
Attack Type2 -
Size Large
Cargo size -
Speed 4
Atk Speed Continuous
Icon VelocaiGold
Special Abilities
Ability 1 Shield Recharger
Ability 2 Gravity Well
Ability 3 Anti-Glacial Field
First Sighting 2460
Latest Sighting 2519
Inventor AVS AVS
Crew 3 (1 pilot, 1 special weapons tech, 1 maintenance)
Type Command ship used by Beam Captains to support troops
Propulsion Grog Flash peak engines
Role Army support, anti-Ambush ship
Representative Visorollo Kasen

The Velocai is an old and still useful Viserak starship used since the 2460's to support ground armies from the Demitrosone and their army of warp rifters, AVS successfully adapting existing gravity well technology to the design that can be activated to prevent warp rifts from opening within it's radius.

Following the Viserak defeat in the First Sector War, Myrian scientists managed to adapt another piece of existing tech, this time from the Insector VI Praetorians who had invented Anti-Glacial technology to prevent another Ice age, this technology now used by the Viserak fared excellently against the Terrans later on.

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