Viserak Vorpal Blade

Gerard Tygore Representative of the Viserak
Appearance 250,000 Years ago.
Extinction This species still lives
Type Bipedal Reptilinoid
Planet Adairis
Form of communication Growls, Speech, Antenna beats
Primary Senses Sight, Touch, Hearing, Taste, Antenna beats, electro-Magnet Sense
Factions AVS, Fulsoff Rep, Demitros, Josminian Enclave
Representative Gerard Tygore

The Viserak evolved on planet Adairis from swamp dwelling Reptiles, after 40,000 years of civilization they finally became a space faring race in 2102.

Early History


Viserak Forces at the battle of New Antieta

The Viserak first formed the Viserak Empire, but after nearly being eradicated by the Wubellians they reorganized into AVS from which they destroyed the Wubellians and nearly all traces of their exist

Gerard Tygore's Fleet vs Rigel Arcasi's Base


Sector Wars

The Viserak were convinced after their civil war to attack the Sapphirian Sector to steal resoures and technology, they faled and were left broken at the end of the Sector Wars .

Technology & Tactics

The Viserak have the most advanced technology despite being the youngest of the space-faring races, the rely heavily on their advanced technology to win for them, very few are psionic only the channler is psionic while the other viserak are not. The Viserak's weaponry is typically a mix of lasers and energy bolts/beams/blasts along with reality warping abilities. The viserak's tactics rely on rather unconvential attacks and tech superiorty to win