Viserak-Silverstone War
from left, clockwise, Silverstone colonial militia departs from Carn, SCM anti-air defense, SCM Airforce, Raark's Armada
Main Info
Date 2478-2479
Place Silverstone
Result Viserak Victory

Resources collected

Silverstone Government destroyed

Major Battles Battle of Carn

Siege at Dunhurst

Invasion of Black Valley

Battle of Henry-don

Battle of Carn City

Force 1 AVS Adairin Viserak Systems (AVS)
Force 2 Skywing Silverstone Government
Force 3 -
Force 4 -
Leader 1 AVS Premaris: Arctus Sugof
Leader 2 Skywing Governor: Philip Grimes
Leader 3 -
Leader 4 -
Army 1 Raark Spherianus's Fleet

Rakp Visa's Fleet

Doran Nazuth's Fleet

Army 2 Silverstone Colonial Militia
Army 3 -
Army 4 -
Deaths 1 Light
Deaths 2 Heavy
Deaths 3 -
Deaths 4 -
Previous Extermination Campaign of 2459
Next First Viserak Civil War
The war was between the Viserak and the Silverstone Colonial Milita.


In the 2450's the UTSEA went to war with Sangerrika because of this all of it's exports to small colonies were stopped for the war effort, silverstone relied on these exports and revolted, the UTSEA after the war, put the revolts down rather violently, the Silverstone people seceded just as the UTSEA began operations against the Sniverians in Sapphiria.

The Silverstone people for decades lived off of stolen goods, mostly from Viserak cargo ships, this indirectly caused the economic depression on Myrier.

Path to Anarchy

The Adairin Viserak Systems were fed up with the blatant piracy of the Silverstone forces, Arctus Sugof ordered Raark Spherianus and two other commanders to build their fleets and prepare for war, and on December 12th of 2478 the three fleets attacked Silverstone, the SCM was prepared for war, however, their forces were still no match for AVS.

Near the end of March of 2479 the Silverstone Government fell, it's leaders in hiding, the military was obliterated and most of their resources captured by AVS, the UTSEA condemned the attacks but were mostly uninterested in fighting a lengthy war with the Viserak.

The Silverstone people picked up the pieces in 2487 and joined a criminal underworld.

Civil Conflict

The Silverstone Mercenaries by 2499 had become an enemy of the UTSEA, a decade later they joined the Axis of Freedom and ceased to become a faction