Viserak Empire
Founded September 11, 2101
Defunct November 18, 2358
Race Viserak
Denonym Viserak
Population 33 Billion (2308)
Leader Emperor: Spharir Raaren (last)
Secondary lead -
Head of State Emperor
Currency Visarbles
Official Language Northspherian
Formed from Northsphere

Hemsway's Triumvirate

Hundreds of other nations

Strength 11 Billion Warriors (2308)
Founding Document Hemsway Initiative
Preceded By Northsphere Northsphere

RepKrussia Krussia

Alliance Emeraldii Economic Union
Location Central Emeraldii sector
Capitol Azul, Adairis
Now Part of {{{Now Part of}}}

The Viserak Empire was the original Viserak interplanetary government that quickly began to conquer it's neighbors and capture multiple planets, having a similiar beginning to the UTSEA, the Terrans and Viserak had a close alliance up until the fall of the empire and rise of the Adairin Viserak Systems.

History Edit

Fourth Adairion War Edit

The Viserak had long been fighting themselves for glory, power and resources over Adairis for countless millenia, by the time the fourth Adairion War took place Viserak technology had reached a new high with high tech jet fighters, reactive body armor and poison/chemical melee weapons as well as early photonic ranged weapons, eventually the Northspherians and their allies won out and conquered the globe alongside their other rival the Krussians both which united to form the Viserak empire knowing that much of their history was inadvertanly shaped by xenomorphic influence primarily, their once enslaved cousins the Demitrosone.

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