Vramese-Terran War (part of the Solarian Great war)
Vram Attack
Vramese forces in an African Savannah
Main Info
Date 6/17/2066 - 9/22/2068
Place Earth
Result Coalition pyyrhic Victory
Major Battles Action over Earth

Battle of Mars

Battle of New Braxis

Battle of Antarctosphere

Battle of West Ein Nova

Force 1 Coalition Forces
Force 2 Vramese Empire
Force 3 -
Force 4 -
Leader 1 Kaiser StratosTygo & Kaiser Duvri Duvsin
Leader 2 Emperor: Val'Dagje
Leader 3 -
Leader 4 -
Army 1 United Terran Systems of Earth based Antarctica

Krovan Empire

Zarnian Interplanetary Corporation

Army 2 Lost Fleet
Army 3 -
Army 4 -
Deaths 1 Billions
Deaths 2 All of the Lost fleet
Deaths 3 -
Deaths 4 -
Previous Space War I

Solarian 1980's conflict

Next Terran Invasion of Vralamar


The Vramese Empire had been oppressing weaker species in the Solarian sector since at least 1672, in 1896 the Zarnian Race from Xerithon-Exina began to rebel against their Vramese masters and began retaking their lands, they succeeded in 1941 and in 1968 became a space empire. During a trade dispute to the Newly formed Harchempian Faction in 1987, they and the Zarnians were once again at war, however in late 1996, Vramese bombers destroyed a joint Zarnian-Krovan Trade city on Anta'xis, This caused the Krovan Empire to hastily declare war on the Vramese.

Though the Krovans were fighting a civil war with the Anti-Kaiserlisks, they were stronger than every other faction in the sector, the Vramese were now figting to enemies at once.

in 2015 a Vramese probe landed on Earth , at this point the Vramese had lost 120 of their 260 worlds, they needed slave labor and cheap scrap to rebuild their fleets, they found it on post-Apocalyptic Earth, the Vramese sent out a 50 ship strong fleet to Earth though they were caught mid warp by a Gravity well generator from the Krovan Empire, the ambush force was defeated but the Vramese were down to 24 ships, to make matters worse their Rift Anchor which is used for warp travel was damaged, they would have to cryosleep on their way to Earth, they would not be able to return to Vralamar doing so would've taken an estimated 950 years, instead they stayed the course.

The InvasionEdit

Roughly 51 years later, the Vramese fleet arrived to Earth however, they underestimated the technology level of the Terrans, in 2015 they were mostly re-used 90's technology, but in 2066 the Terrans had a small space fleet, though it was destroyed at the Action over Earth, The Vramese descended upon the surface wiping out armies and cities with ease, however, Kaiser StratosTygo had construted a new weapon similar to the Del Tower of 2014, it amplified his Psionic abilities, this alone was used to down two Vramese ships, the Vramese retreated from Antarctica, though they still had control of 64% of the planet.

A turning point in the war happened with the appearance of a Krovan-Zarnian Patrol fleet, they had been mopping up Vramese forces for years, it turned out that the war itself between the Sectorial powers ended in 2024. The Krovans hoping for a new trade partner and ally, gave the Terrans new technology. The Terrans and their allies turned the tide in 2068, the Vramese lost fleet was eventually destroyed at their Martian base. The Terrans rapidly advanced technologically with four different Tech sources at once they quickly formed a new fleet with a new SkyTiger (SkyTiger 1 ) and in 2072 the fleets arrived over Vralamar and glassed their cities with permission from the Krovans. The Vramese empire fell in 2073.

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