Walter Brown
Walter visiting his old home
Born January 3, 1945 (California, USA, Earth)
Died December 4, 2497
Race Terran
Gender Male
Hair Brown/Gray
Eyes Blue
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Faction Skytech SkyTech
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Faction History 51starUnited States of America 1945-2014

Skytech SkyTech 2016-2497

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 He was a survivor of the Unification war and was born near the end of World War II having gained Psionic powers when he was 69 years old allowing him to slow and to an extent reverse the aging process for a time. he was involved in the Vietnam war and joined SkyTech in 2016 helping the Kaiser eliminate guerilla warriors in various parts of the world he became one Matt Tygore's most valued Officers and was memorialized in 2498 at the Admiralcy. 

End of the old WorldEdit

Brown's entire family was killed by Ravagers and Bandits in early 2014, he walked the Earth aimlessly before finding a survivalist town outside of Georgia, however a herd of nuclear ravagers overan the town, Brown saved some of his newfound alles by unleashing his newly acquired Psionic powers in 2015, still it was not enough to stop the ravagers, the 284 strong force escaped on a ferry and went to a colder climate, half of the survivors died on the way, they reached the falkland islands relatively untouched by the chaos, where they lived in peace for five months until Drake Liska held up there, the newly created UTSEA fought Liska's forces there and provided rewards to those who assisted the UTSEA, Brown and most of his allies joined the UTSEA and fought off Drake Liska. months later Brown officially joined the UTSEA

The New WorldEdit

Kaiser: Matt Tygore and Kaiserine: Carolina Tygore discovered Brown's powers and wanted to strengthen them, over a period of months they trained him and he trained them in the art of war, they formed the "Imperial Squadron" a force of Psionic operatives used to carry out the Kaiser's will.

The Assimilation of NightTechEdit

The last remnants of NightTech continued anti-UTSEA activity all over the americas, Brown now part of Imperial Squadron assaulted the NightTech forces and allowed many of them to join, by 2017 all forces identifying themselves as Nightech are either destroyed or assimilated.

Eradication of Al-QaedaEdit

The UTSEA was having problems with middle eastern insurgent groups, they belived themselves invincible due to their Guerrilla warfare. Imperial Squadron showed them why that's a silly presumption. Matt Tygore and the Imperial Squadron using their psionic powers made short work of the insurgents employing stealthy and surprise tactics of their own, eventually by 2019 all who identified as "Al-Qaeda" or the other dozens of islamic extremist groups were killed off Imperial Squadron made use of "hyper-Horror" tactics in which the slain extremists bodies were torn apart and strewn all over the region with notes telling those who read them that they too would befall this fate, initially many were defiant but as the months wore on with 0 Imperial caualites and 17002 Insurgent casualties, many opted to change their plans, extremist activity hit record lows.

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