War of Church and State
Main Info
Date March 9, 2358 - November 1, 2384
Place Emeraldii
Result Josminian Empire gutted and soon dissolved, AVS power is fully secured and becomes the dominant power, Demitrosone granted independence by AVS for assisting them in the war
Major Battles Battle of Raicho

Battle of Northsphere

Siege of Convusa

Battle of Designation 42

Battle of Kippedea

Force 1 AVS Adairin Viserak Systems

Supported by:

Demi Demitrosone

BoralesFlag Borales

KyleriaF Kylerian Star Docks

KupariaF Kuparian Dry Docks

FTS Tydoran Federation (2361-2384)

UTSEA UTSEA (2361-2384)

BF Boreluzian Federation (2370-2384)

USSK USSK (2368-2379)

Saur Saurian Trade Corporation (2359-2384)

SedonaFlag Sedona Shipyards (2362-2384)

Wub Karlinica


Force 2 VEmpire Josminian Empire

Supported by:

Lore Lorian Empire

Taiplai Tai Plai Empire

Ubergrobe The Ubergrobe

Northsphere Josminian Enclave

Tydor Nievekkis Planetary Commonwealth

Knight Acclamon Order

Eye Gaze of Mutanyrea ____________________________________

Force 3 GKS Great Kandlian Swarm
Force 4 -
Leader 1 AVS Premaris: Jenozenon Hemsway
Leader 2 VEmpire Emparava: Nokto Alraqqa
Leader 3 GKS Swarm King: Sentien
Leader 4 -
Army 1 Emerald Armada and various allies and corporate fleets
Army 2 Josminian Legions and various local allies
Army 3 Unknown number of Organisms
Army 4 -
Deaths 1 6,748,000
Deaths 2 13,819,000
Deaths 3 1,374,000
Deaths 4 -
Previous The Wubbellian War
Next Tydoran Secession Crisis

The War of Church and state was a 26 year long conflict between the newly formed AVS supported by corporations and foreign nations against the Josminian Empire supported by local nations.

The war dragged on long enough for the Kandlia to take interest in claiming the dead for themselves near its end. Despite the Kandlia's arrival and quick departure the Viserak negotiated with eachother and the Empire was set to dissolve ten days later.

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