List of Wars beginning from 2000 to 2100.

Conflict Start End Combatants 1 Combatants 2 Combatants 3 Combatants 4 Result
Second Hyle War 2000 2003 BF Boreluzian Federation Hylogan Hylogan Directorate - - The Hyron System Recaptured by Boreluzians, TSR steps in and mediates the situation ending the war
Wubbell-Mutani Wars 2002 2010

WubFlag Wubbellian Empire

GenericFlag01 Aydiyaudi Dynasty

MutanFlag Mutan Ascendency - - Mutani capitol of Qoraszant is captured by Wubellian Forces
Marcadian Secession Crisis  2003 2005 Capri2 Marcadian Loyalists CapriMark MacCrava Loyalists CapriE Arkaddian Loyalists RoS2 TSR Expeditionary Fleet Capricon's local forces are defeated by the TSR expeditionary Fleet, this moment marks the beginning of the TSR's Imperialist age
Klorusian-Meshaki war 2005 2017 KlorusEmpire Klorusian Empire

MeshakiE Meshaki Empire

Demi Demitrosone

- - Klorusian Empire captures planets: Tasathey, Karangy, Paslien and Totos, Aradan, Arcasi becomes Satreon of "Sortec Iidelemar "(Emeraldii Sector)
Third Hyle War 2007 2008

Hylogan Hylogan Directorate

RoS2 E'Seith Squadron

BF Boreluzian Federation

Hy2 Hylogan Rebels led by Karlak Sanzla

Boreluzianwut Boreluzian Diaspora - Hyron System is recaptured by a joint Hylogan-TSR alliance, Boreluzian forces begin arming the Boreluzian Diaspora around the sector in retaliation
The War of Balance 2008 2016

BF Boreluzian Empire

Aeronia Aeronia Relicanta

SRE Carsannia Relicanta

Metal Cyandria Relicanta

Order Ty'Ger Psion Order

Capri2Capricon Resistance

Hy2 Karlak Sanzla's Raiders

TaigoTaigo Empire

RoS2 Third Shrine Republic

Hylogan Hylogan Directorate

USSK Kandaris

Bor1 Hylar

Legopian First Aridian Republic

- - TSR influence is blunted by the allied forces, the alliance against the TSR collapses soon after the war

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