World War III
Main Info
Date May 1st 2013 - December 19th 2013
Place Earth
Result Night Tech Victory
Major Battles Invasion of Siberia

Battle of New York

Battle of Britain

Siege of Cheng Du

Clash at the South Ocean

Skirmish at McMurdo

Force 1 NATO
Force 2 Russian Federation & former Soviet satellite states
Force 3 People's Republic of China & North Korea
Force 4 Night Tech
Leader 1 President: Barack Obama
Leader 2 President: Vladimir Putin
Leader 3 President: Xi Jinping
Leader 4 Commander: Melissa Harrison
Army 1 Various NATO armies
Army 2 Russian Army
Army 3 PRC Army
Army 4 Night Tech Insurgents
Deaths 1 Hundreds of Millions
Deaths 2 Hundreds of Millions
Deaths 3 Hundreds of Millions
Deaths 4 Moderate
Previous Gulf War II/III
Next Unification War
Shortly after North Korea launched a failed nuclear strike on Washington D.C the United states countered them by oblitering the small nation, 

soon enough China joined in against the US as did russia and many middle eastern nations, World War III had began in the year 2013. however Night Tech, (A former US military wing) launched stolen nukes on the middle east destroying them all within weeks, China betrayed the Russians and invaded Siberia, the US was invaded by Russia, but NightTech manipulated everything to their advantage, soon the US having just barely defeated the Russians pulled out of the war.NightTech nuked both China and Russia, and eventually large tracts of Europe and North America.

Night Tech then went into hiding in the american desert.

A side effect of the following nuclear fallout changed the world for the worse, while some of the countries survived the few-month long war most did not, all that remains are mostly terrorist cells, rebel groups and independent armies.

The League of Neutral Powers was founded on March 7th of 2014 by Mark Michaels a former US soldier, various survivors have shown their prowess and have come together to forge a new alliance.

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