Wubellian Republic
Founded September 1, 2639
Defunct -
Race Wubellian
Denonym Wubellian
Population 159,000,920
Leader Sabelian: Ecomomi
Secondary lead -
Head of State Sabelian (Democratically elected citizen)
Currency Emeraldii Credits
Official Language Northspherian/Old Wubellian Language
Formed from Wubellian Imperial Remnants
Strength 2 Squadrons
Founding Document Uvmebara
Preceded By WubFlag Wubellian Empire
Alliance UCL/Centerpoint Member States

Emeraldii Trade Organization

Location Northern Emeraldii Sector
Capitol Mattisheu, Wubellia
Now Part of {{{Now Part of}}}

The Wubellian Republic was formed by Wubellian survivors and Non-Profit Viserak Organizations to bring them back from the brink of extinction, however some Viserak still resented them and a long era of terrorism began, until 2649 when AVS leader Premaris: Arader Kasen violently suppressed an anti-Wubellian Uprising, eventually the uprising petered out.

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