Zach Jenson
Zach inside Famous Interceptor "Thunder-Strike"
Born May 13, 2483 Tulsa, United States of America (Earth)
Died Still lives
Race Terran
Gender Male
Hair Golden-Brown
Eyes Teal
Occupation Pilot
Faction History UTSEA UTSEA 2483-?

Zach Jenson is a UTSEA Pilot and was part of James Ranson's "Antarctos Corps" before joining UTSEA Frontier Fleet in 2508, he assisted the Kaiser himself during the Sector wars by scouting Noemi Cerda and Gerard Tygore's bases, finding the Frost Core they stole, he later would join the Frontier fleet after the First War .

He was the youngest human ever to pilot an Interceptor (and live) at age 15. Zach Jensons was still a patriot for the UTSEA even at age 68 he would always tell his children and grand children of how he helped the Kaiser protect Humanity and defeat the rebels.

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